Sandra Mileikyte
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Product & UX designer


Hello I'm Sandra

My full name is Sandra Mileikyte (pronounced /mɪ-leɪ-kiː-té/). I am a Lithuanian and have been calling UK my second home since 2007. I am a full stack product and UX designer who's passionate about injecting humanity into digital products. 

My strengths are what makes me stand out in the crowd. I am very flexible because I can lead as well as follow. I bridge gaps between different business areas and learn things on the fly. I am a problem solver armed with responsive design process and always fight for excellence in user experience.

What I do


User research

Concept development

Interactive prototypes


User testing

UX design

Product design


Product management

Interaction design

Information architecture



My Design Principles


Every designer needs to set their own design principles. It defines what sets them apart from other creatives. I have developed four key design principles which I use for every project. Here they are:



User is king

It’s all about the user, their needs, behaviours, likes and dislikes. Using research methods I’m confident in uncovering key insights and translating them into exceptional experiences.


Strive for simplicity

Whatever I am creating, I strive for simplicity. Good experience won't make the user think. I like to keep things simple and easy to follow.


Devil is in the (tiny) details

Little details, no matter how subtle they are, bring a great joy when using a product. Thought through micro-interactions add a lot of value to any product.


Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

No matter what I'm working on, I always try things out. I'm not afraid to fail, as failure is just a lesson. It takes me on the right path to success.


I use human centred design process to create meaningful user experiences


Red Dot Design Awards - Best of the Best - August 2013
Awarded project - SKYNEX which models a new vision for air travel in 2030. 
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Core77 Design Awards - Student Notable - April 2013
Awarded project - SKYNEX which models a new vision for air travel in 2030.
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Let's work together


I'm always interested in new challenges and exciting projects, so feel free to drop me a quick hello.