Sandra Mileikyte
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Contextual Help

Tips and guidance on creating better Crowdfunding pages


Contextual help offers tips and guidance to create a better Crowdfunding page on JustGiving. Help is offered when creating a Crowdfunding page and focuses on two areas: writing a better story (content) and expressing stories in a personalised way (tools). The goal of this project was to increase user retention, by providing an easy and personalised way to create content.

What I did

One of the quickest projects I’ve ever delivered where I transitioned from research to ideation within the same day. I started off with looking at various UX patterns to offer help. Although project delivery was intended to be quick, I had very minimal creative restraints and I decided to explore a range of ideas: from most basic and least development effort required, to a more creative approach offering a delightful user experience. By sketching my ideas, I skipped wireframing to save time, but it still allowed me to proof-test their feasibility.

I then produced high fidelity mock-ups to illustrate the shortlisted ideas and organised a workshop with key project stakeholders to select the winning idea.


Each shortlisted idea has been assessed in the Impact Effort matrix which helped me understand the relationship between required effort level and gained user reward.

The winning idea has been selected by taking into consideration the project timings and results from the workshop. I then worked closely with the visual designer and developers during the implementation phase.


The outcome

Although the simplest idea was implemented, it proved to be a very useful addition to the Crowdfunding page creation journey. Once the Contextual Help was launched, the quality of created Crowdfunding pages have improved – pages were created with better formatting and analytics have shown that people are engaging with Contextual Help links.

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