Sandra Mileikyte


A more insightful way to crowdfund


Crowdfunding Dashboard is a place where Crowdfunding Page Owners can analyse their page performance and make informed decisions on the best ways to promote their story to reach fundraising target. The goal is to increase user engagement as well as provide with insightful data which could be leveraged to raise more money.

What I did

I kicked off design sprint with a benchmarking analysis, followed by a quick sketching session to illustrate how this feature could be integrated into crowdfunding product.


Sketches soon turned into low-fidelity mock-ups ready to be tested with selected participants in face-to-face interview sessions. Low-fidelity mock-ups represented a typical life cycle of a crowdfunding page, transitioning from launch, to receiving first donations and nearing to the end of the fundraising campaign. I was keen to understand the key triggers that would influence a user’s decision to engage more with their supporters. The prototype was designed in a way to help uncover those insights.

With the feedback from user testing sessions integrated into final designs, I worked closely with key project stakeholders to scope the MVP release as well as supported development team during implementation phase.


The outcome

The feature is now live on JustGiving Crowdfunding pages. Data analysis has shown that users are actively engaging with this feature and their behaviour is suggesting a further feature improvement, such as viewing detailed statistics and sharing them with supporters.