Sandra Mileikyte
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JustGiving Crowdfunding

Designing for Crowdfunding growth at JustGiving

The brief

Over the course of one year at JustGiving I have been involved in 50+ projects, some big, some small, but the ones that stood out the most were projects which have been delivered in a two-week design sprint. Moving fast, testing, learning and iterating is very much at the core of design culture at JustGiving and I want to share my highlights of this approach.

The three selected projects were initiated to move key Crowdfunding business levers: acquisition (new leads created) and page value (average crowdfunding page donation value). These projects were focused around developing features that will add value to user’s experience and will position JustGiving as a market leader in the industry.

The three projects are:

  1. Crowdfunding Dashboard – page analytics for page owners
  2. Story-maker – a better way for page owners to write a story for their page
  3. Contextual help – page creation help and on-boarding

My role

Lead Product Designer.


Operating in two-week sprints, these projects were delivered in a fast-paced agile way of working as well as including key stakeholders into the process. I have managed each project’s end-to-end delivery, from taking initial ideas through sketching and ideation sessions all the way to designing, user testing, iterating and producing hand-over deliverables for the development team. Once the design sprint was complete I worked closely with front-end and back-end engineers to ensure a seamless and accurate implementation.

The three projects


Crowdfunding Page Owners can analyse their page performance and make informed decisions on the best ways to promote their story to reach fundraising target. 


Brand new content creation tools for crowdfunding page owners to express themselves in a more creative way and share richer content updates with their supporters.

Contextual help

Guidance for crowdfunding page owners on how to write a better story and express themselves in a more personalised way.