Sandra Mileikyte
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A better way to write a story


The Story-maker introduces brand new content creation tools for crowdfunding page owners to express themselves in a more creative way and share richer content updates with their supporters. The Story-maker also invites page owners to celebrate key achievements in their fundraising journey by sharing progress, gratitude messages and general updates with rich-text formatting.

What I did

Before diving deep into designing a better way of writing a good story, I decided to explore how current JustGiving users express themselves with existing product. I have analysed numerous Crowdfunding pages, going into details of what type of content has been created and what type of updates have been shared throughout page life-cycle.

Emerging trends indicated a strong need to share a generic update, a thank you message and a “totaliser” progress (to indicate how much money has been raised so far). I decided to focus on these three key actions and explored various ways of integrating them into Crowdfunding Page Owner interface.


Numerous design explorations went through two rounds of user testing, each one addressing user pain points from the previous user testing sessions.

Using the feedback from the research sessions I defined the final dashboard experience by producing detailed flows and high-fidelity designs. I then paired up with a visual designer to focus on micro-interactions, animations and visual design. In addition to this, I ensured a regular contact with the development team in order to avoid any design decisions that would complicate feature implementation or derail the project.


The outcome

The Story-maker is one of the most successful crowdfunding features released in 2017. It has been performing extremely well as users are engaging with new tools to share various updates and create a richer content. Another successful measure is the fact that the Story-maker and Dashboard are now integrated to offer a more holistic crowdfunding experience, so that users can take an action (thank their supporters) based on their performance statistics (increased donations). Below you can see a selection of user case studies using the Story-maker.